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Welcome to MRAEL. People are our business, it’s what we do. Since 1985, MRAEL has provided individuals and employers with innovative and unique education, training and employment solutions to suit their individual needs. Operating as an Apprenticeship Network Provider, Registered Training Organisation, Group Training Organisation and Senior Vocational Trade College, MRAEL Group is the one solution provider you’ve been looking for.

Are you a jobseeker who is interested in an apprenticeship?

MRAEL can assist to find your true calling and a career that works for you

For over 30 years, MRAEL has been assisting jobseekers to build meaningful careers through apprenticeship and traineeship pathways. Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to assist you to identify the most suitable apprenticeship or traineeship to match your skills, interests and previous experience. We have an extensive range of information and resources to assist you in understanding the pathways available and the outcomes you can achieve by successfully completing an apprenticeship or traineeship. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to begin building your best career!
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Are you a current apprentice who needs some expert assistance?

MRAEL has experts on hand ready to provide the ongoing support you need.

Whatever you need help with, MRAEL can assist. If you’re a current apprentice or trainee and you have a question that you need an answer for, or you just need some support, make contact with us today. One of our friendly team will assist you and find the solution to your question, or provide you with information about where you can access additional support. Our MRAEL Support Centre provides an initial self-service function that can assist current apprentices and trainees with solutions to your queries. It can also connect you with an expert MRAEL team member who can provide you with further information and advice.
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Are you an Employer who needs help finding an apprentice?

MRAEL can help you navigate the various options and financial incentives on offer

Employing an apprentice or trainee can seem overwhelming. MRAEL Group has the expertise to do it for you, and best of all we have a range of different services to suit the individual needs of your business. MRAEL has an existing database of apprentice and trainee applicants, as well as out-of-trade apprentices, ready to be considered by your business. Our expert Apprentice Support Centre staff can assist you to identify your ideal candidate. Our friendly staff can also assist you with information about financial incentives and support available to employers who hire an apprentice or trainee.
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Power through technology

MRAEL provides a range of online applications and digital tools to assist apprentices, trainees and partner organisations in working towards quality training and employment outcomes as efficiently as possible. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to interact with our experts and we do this through "MRAEL Online", MRAEL's suite of web applications dedicated to our customers.
MRAEL Support Centre
MRAEL Connect
MRAEL Learning Management System
“In my role managing multiple businesses I am required to cover off on a lot of detailed information when it comes to recruitment and training. MRAEL not only gives me the support to do so via thorough communication, but also with their ability to tailor specific tools and programs to suit my business needs. We look to MRAEL as a business partner and recommend their services to those looking for a total training solution.”

Richard Whittington
Group Chef – Star Hotels Group

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