The MRAEL Story

The MRAEL Story

MRAEL is the leading ‘one solution’ provider of education, training and employment solutions. We enjoy the challenge of providing quality workforce solutions through innovation, inspiration and intelligence.

MRAEL is recognised as one of the largest and most experienced education, training and employment providers with over 30 years of experience and knowledge. Operating as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Group Training Organisation (GTO), and Senior Vocational College, and delivers Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Services in Queensland on behalf of Mas National. MRAEL has consistently delivered comprehensive apprentice, training and workforce development solutions to businesses and individuals across Australia.

MRAEL offers a range of employment and training solutions to businesses to assist in building the capacity and sustainability of their workforce. We have the capability to deliver each of our services seamlessly in metropolitan, regional and remote locations, ensuring that businesses can enjoy streamlined, consistent, efficient and professional services regardless of geographical location.

MRAEL has experienced significant growth over recent years as a result of a proven reputation as an innovative, one solution provider of workforce development services. The continued expansion of the organisation is confirmation that MRAEL is a premier provider in all areas of our business.

Through our continued expansion, MRAEL is striving to contribute to the sustainable development of a skilled workforce for the future by creating additional education, training and employment opportunities to the communities in which we operate.

Our Purpose

We develop the workforce and create sustainable employment opportunities, by increasing individual competence through quality education and training.

Our Vision

To be the leader in providing business solutions through workforce and people development.

The Why, How and What?

As an organisation that exists to assist in the ongoing development and sustainability of the clients and Partner Organisations we work with, MRAEL has never lost sight of the reasons we are in business.


To make a difference through quality people development.


We overcome challenges through innovation, inspiration and intelligence.


A suite of relevant products and services that meet the immediate and developing demands of the education, training and employment market.

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