Apprentice Employment Program

Apprentice Employment Program

The MRAEL Apprentice Employment Program (AEP) provides a streamlined and effective way to manage apprentices and trainees from commencement to completion. As the legal employer, MRAEL are responsible for all of the legal and statutory obligations that come with employing an apprentice or trainee. MRAEL will facilitate the recruitment, selection, retention, payroll, performance and training management and will monitor the workplace health and safety and overall wellbeing of each apprentice and trainee. Our services are flexible and allow you as the Partner Organisation, to have as much input into the apprentice management as you would like.

Let MRAEL take on the multitude of regulatory and legal responsibilities that come with employing an apprentice or trainee by becoming an MRAEL Partner Organisation. MRAEL will manage the entire process for you, allowing you the time and resources to focus on other areas of your business! If you would prefer to remain the legal employer of your apprentices and trainees, MRAEL can still assist by providing our best practice apprentice and trainee management services with our Apprentice Management Program.

The key benefits of the Apprentice Services’ Apprentice Employment Program are:

  • 01 Recruitment:MRAEL’s recruitment process is designed to ensure the highest quality candidates are selected. Our process can be tailored to meet each organisation’s individual requirements, incorporating advertising, short-listing, interviews, testing, medicals, reference checks, inductions and job readiness.
  • 02 Performance Management:Our Field Officers will ensure that apprentices and trainees are managed in line with the best practice apprentice management strategies including performance, behaviour and training progression.
  • 03 Workplace Health & Safety:MRAEL manages the employer WH&S obligations including safety inductions, workplace injury and rehabilitation.
  • 04 Legal Responsibilities:As the legal employer of your apprentices, MRAEL is responsible for all obligations under Industrial Legislation and the Further Education and Training Act
  • 05 Rotation:The ability to rotate the apprentices and trainees both in and out of your business to gain experience necessary to complete their training.
  • 06 Payroll:As the legal employer of the apprentice or trainee, the responsibilities of all payroll requirements belong with MRAEL.

Standard Services Include

In addition to the above, MRAEL will commit to providing quality Apprentice management and will supply the following services to Partner Organisations, Apprentices and Trainees:

  • Arrange Australian Apprentice Network Provider to complete the training contract
  • Notify Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of Australian Apprenticeship
  • Arrange RTO induction and coordinate block bookings
  • Monitor all on and off the job training requirements
  • Six weekly visits with the Apprentice and Partner Organisation
  • Six weekly training record book checks with the Apprentice and Partner Organisation
  • Twelve weekly performance appraisals
  • Provision of performance counselling as required
  • Advice on the allocation of tool entitlements
  • Provide expert consultancy for the ongoing management of Apprentices and Trainees

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