Apprentice Management Program

Apprentice Management Program

MRAEL’s Apprentice Management Program (AMP) provides businesses with the option of remaining the legal employer of their apprentices and trainees while accessing the apprentice management expertise of MRAEL. The AMP services are flexible and provide you as the employer with as much support as required from a dedicated MRAEL Field Officer.

MRAEL’s Apprentice Management Program is the ideal solution for employers who want to employ an apprentice or trainee themselves, but think they may need a little help along the way, or simply do not have the time to spend managing the process. MRAEL’s Apprentice Management Program is a cost effective and stress free way to manage your apprentices and trainees!

The key benefits of the Apprentice Services’ Apprentice Management Program are:

  • 01 Flexibility: Choose the services that you do and don’t need from MRAEL. MRAEL can facilitate recruitment, selection, retention, performance and training management and apprentice/trainee wellbeing.
  • 02 Legal Employer: You remain the legal employer, accepting ownership of all legal responsibilities and as such, will also be paid the Government financial incentives.
  • 03 Support: Access best practice apprentice management strategies and receive ongoing support and assistance from MRAEL.
  • 04 Incentives: As the legal employer, you will be paid the Government financial incentives.
  • 05 No Contracts: No contracts or obligations to MRAEL. Use the service for as long as you need.

By utilising the Apprentice Management Program, MRAEL will be there to assist your organisation every step of the way!

Standard Services Include

In addition to the above, MRAEL is committed to providing quality Apprentice Management and will supply the following services to employers and Apprentices and Trainees:

  • Arrange Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider to complete the training contract
  • Notify the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of Australian Apprenticeship
  • Arrange RTO induction and coordinate block bookings
  • Monitor all on and off the job training requirements
  • Six weekly visits with the Apprentice and Partner Organisation
  • Six weekly training record book checks with the Apprentice and Partner Organisation
  • Twelve weekly performance appraisals
  • Provision of performance counselling as required
  • Advice on the allocation of tool entitlements
  • Provide expert consultancy for attraction, retention and the ongoing management of Apprentices and Trainees

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